Last Updated: Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lightning strikes, claims eight lives in Uttar Pradesh, India

Lightning strikes in Uttar Pradesh, India have claimed eight lives. Lightning strikes have seriously injured nine others.

Natural disaster lightning claimed three lives in Chandauli and Meerut each, two in Ghazipur and one in Sambhal.

Two weeks ago, lightning strikes in Madhya Pradesh, India claimed 12 lives.

Lightning is the visible discharge of static electricity. Lightning strikes have claimed lives and damaged several properties. Lightning protection systems help to minimize the risk.

A lightning protection system is designed to protect a structure from damage due to lightning strikes. How ever most of South Asian countries including India lags in proper lightning protection system.

Lightning strikes in Bihar, India in September 2012 killed 10 people. Another thunderstorm, lightning strikes in Kolkata in April 2012 claimed 8 lives.

Original post: Natural Disasters List March 30, 2013