Last Updated: Monday, April 8, 2013

Largest mud volcano 'Akhtarma-Pashali' in Azerbaijan erupts

Akhtarma-Pashali, one of the largest mud volcano in Hajigabul region of Azerbaijan has erupted, APA mentions.

Cracks over 2 km have been observed in Akhtarma-Pashali volcano.

Scientists from Institute of Geology's Mud Volcano have carried out research in the volcano area.

This is the 7th eruption of Akhtarma-Pashali mud volcano in Azerbaijan. Akhtarma-Pashali mud volcano which is located 35 km from Shirvan city first erupted in 1948.

Azerbaijan and its Caspian coastline contains nearly 400 mud volcanoes.

Photo: Akhtarma-Pashali mud volcano eruption in Azerbaijan; APA

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