Last Updated: Thursday, April 11, 2013

Arkansas tornado 2013: Three injured

Tornado in Botkinburg, Arkansas today has injured three people and damaged more than a dozen structures.

Quoting Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, CNN writes tornado that caused injuries occurred inside a church in Botkinburg in Van Buren County.

A tornado touched on the ground in the Scotland, west of Clinton, National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center says.

Ginger Zee, Meteorologist (CBM) at ABC News also confirmed this news tweeting that tornado in Botkinburg, AR destroyed a house and flipped an 18 wheeler.

Tornadoes damaged at least 30 homes in Van Buren County, including at Botkinburg and Scotland.

The Arkansas Storm Team is already on standby for possible severe weather in Arkansas.

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Below are some tornado damage photo from Arkansas.

This photo shows the church damaged by tornado in Botkinburg, Arkansas (Max Seigle, THV 11)


This photo shows 18-wheeler overturned in Botkinburg, Arkansas (Max Seigle, THV 11).


Photo below shows down tree on Wasson Road in Conway (Brenda Jo Cullum Kincaid).


Below is a tornado video from Mountain View, Arkansas - same storm that produced a tornado for Scotland and Clinton.

Damage reports from Arkansas:
*Trees blown down and houses damaged on Scotland -Formosa Road.
*Chicken houses damaged, tree and power lines also down in Welsh Arkansas.
*Highway 95 is closed due to fallen trees.
*Street flooding in Mountain view.
*A lightning strike caused a house fire on Foster Chapel road and Ranch road.

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