Last Updated: Saturday, May 18, 2013

Earthquake in Southern Iran: Tremors felt in Dubai

USGS estimates magnitude 5.6 earthquake with epicenter located 88km SE of Minab, Iran.
Shaking intensity:
MMI IV (light): Minab
MMI III (weak): Bandar 'Abbas, Qeshm, Dib Dibba, Khasab, Ra's al Khaymah, Al Fujayrah, Diba, Adh Dhayd and Khawr Fakkan 

Epicenter location:
88km (55mi) SE of Minab, Iran
155km (96mi) E of Qeshm, Iran
161km (100mi) ESE of Bandar 'Abbas, Iran
165km (103mi) ENE of Khasab, Oman
349km (217mi) NNW of Muscat, Oman

Did you feel this earthquake?

A strong earthquake with preliminary magnitude 5.5 hit Southern Iran at 14:33 local time with epicenter 101 km SE of Mīnāb, Iran  and 172 km E of Khaşab, Oman.

Tremors were even felt in UAE, Dubai.

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Felt reports
Vikram Vittal from Tecom, Dubai, UAE: Aquarium water shook a lot. Bed shook. Not very scary. Not a long one. Few seconds at most!
Sahil Patil from Al Nahda - Sharjah: When I was sitting on my dining table. I felt dizzy and then I saw my jumeirs moving slightly.

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