Last Updated: Friday, May 10, 2013

Hail, flooding in Temple, Texas

Storms caused heavy rain, hail and street flooding in Temple area of Texas, KwTx reports.

Storm downed several trees near Ferguson Park in Temple.

The storm produced one-inch hail in eastern Temple and 1.75-inch hail on the northeast side of Temple.

Below is a photo of hail in Ferguson Park in Temple (Adam Cuker, Vortex Chasers).


Wind gust of 72-mile-per-hour was recorded in southwest Temple.

Following Temple Fire & Rescue official, a power line down at the Taco Bell at 31st Street and HK Dodgen Loop caused fire on a tree. Fire led the evacuation of Central Texas Children's Center.

Below is the photo of downed power line that caused fire on a tree (Chinh Doan;


Power outages were reported in thousand of houses in the Temple area.

1995 Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas hail storm damage cost around $2 billion with $1.1 billion storm insurance coverage.

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