Last Updated: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Swiss flooding claims 1

Flooding caused by heavy rainfall has claimed life of one woman in Argau region of Switzerland, World Radio Switzerland reports.

Schaffhausen received more than half of its monthly average rainfall within just a couple of hours.

Storm and flood damage is high in Aargau, Zurich, and Thurgau.

Flooding in Alpine stream, Switzerland in October 2012 washed away two people.

Insurers have recently receive millions in claims from hailstorm damage in Switzerland. Natural disaster insurance claims are in thousands.

Following landslide and Swiss flood damage database, Switzerland storms causes damage of approximately 329 million CHF every year.

Development of damage 1972-2012; Swiss Federal Institute

The 2005 European floods greatly affected Romania, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Flood claimed lives of six people in Switzerland alone (total 62).

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