Last Updated: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tornado in Italy today injures 11

Tornado in Italy today has injured at least eleven people, The Weather Channel reports quoting Italian newspaper, La Repubblica.

Tornado hit Modena, southeast of Milan and damaged several homes.

Hailstorms also have been reported in Modena, Italy.

The governor of Emilia Romagna has asked the central government to declare a state of emergency due to tornado in Italy today.

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Below are tornado video footage (you tube video by and photos.

La tromba d'aria su Bologna. Incredibile. @Quelarie83
Nel frattempo a Castelfranco Emilia...#castelfancoemilia #modena @ecce_marco

Damaging tornado hit the east part of the city of Venice, Italy (likely an F2) in June 2012.
According to the European Severe Weather Database, twelve tornadoes hit Italy in 2012.

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