Last Updated: Monday, June 17, 2013

Landslides hit parts of India, delays Nilgiri Mountain Rail Service

Several landslide disasters have hit Himachal and Maharashtra region of India delaying Nilgiri Mountain Rail service.

Following a state disaster management authority, landslide alerts have been issued for all districts in the Konkan region. Several people were evacuated following a landslide in Ratnagiri, a port city on the Arabian Sea coast in Ratnagiri district in the southwestern part of Maharashtra, India.

Around 180 tourists were stranded for about three hours near Hillgrove station, following a landslide on the railway track. Tourists were travelling by the famous Nilgiri Mountain Rail service.

Heavy rainfall hit various parts of Himachal Pradesh. Rains caused huge landslide in Tapri near Rekong Peo in Kinnaur district.

No injury has been reported.

Around 15,000 tourists were stranded along Rishikesh-Gangotri National Highway, following a landslide in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, India some days ago.

Original post: Natural Disasters List June 16, 2013