Last Updated: Monday, June 24, 2013

Tropical storm Barry hits Veracruz, Mexico: 3 killed

Tropical storm Barry has claimed lives of at least three people in Mexico and left one missing in El Salvador.

Tropical storm Barry has caused heavy rainfall from northern Nicaragua to South-Central Mexico.

A woman and her child were swept away by the swollen river in Oaxaca. Another person was swept away in Veracruz.

Barry made landfall in Veracruz, Mexico on June 20 and caused damages in at least eight municipalities in Veracruz. Three people were injured and at least 1,200 residents were evacuated earlier.

Tropical storm Barry impact

Mexico: At least two killed. Several landslides occurred in Guerrero and Puebla.
El Salvador: One killed, two others injured by lightning.
Nicaragua: Flooding reported in 14 districts in the Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte.
Honduras: At least 60 houses damaged in flooding, around 300 affected. Landslides reported in Iriona.
Belize: At least 54 people evacuated from Hope Creek.

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