Last Updated: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Flooding in Brazil's drought-stricken Bahia state kills 11

Recent floods in Northeastern Brazil have claimed lives of at least 11 people and left six others missing, Bahia's Civil Defense emergency response agency said.

Heavy rainfall caused flooding in Lajedinho which destroyed some 70 houses and displaced around 200 people. Displaced people are taking shelter in schools and a local gym.

Emergency response personnel have been searching the flooded buildings for survivors.

Note that Brazil's northeast is facing worst drought in a century.

Photo below released by Bahia government shows flooded street in the Lajedinho municipality, Bahia state, Brazil (AP Photo/Bahia Government, Haroldo Abrantes).


Flash floods and landslides are common in much of Brazil. Illegal construction, deforestation and unregulated housing has been blamed for devastating effects of the flooding in Brazil by IUCN.

Flooding in Rio de Janeiro in 2011 had claimed lives of at least 903 people and caused damage of 2.0 billion Reais. It was the worst weather-related natural disaster in Brazilian history.

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