Last Updated: Monday, December 23, 2013

U.S. snowstorm, tornadoes claim 8 lives

Tornadoes and snowstorms in the states of Kentucky, Mississippi and Missouri have claimed lives of at least eight people on Sunday.

A car with five people fell into a river in New Hope, Kentucky claiming lives of three people. Another person died near the city of Carrollton of Kentucky state.

A fifth death was caused due to flood waters in Ballard County, CNN reported quoting the Kentucky Emergency Management.

Snowstorm and slippery road claimed life of another person in Missouri.

Tornadoes in Mississippi killed two people and ripped roofs from barns.

Tornadoes in Arkansas injured at least five people and damaged around 23 houses. A tornado injured three people and damaged three houses near Hughes. Another tornado near Dermott, Arkansas injured two people and damaged 23 houses.

Photo below shows a tornado damaged home in Halley, Arkansas (Andre P. Kissel/AP).


Heavy ice storms in Canada have left nearly 500,000 people without electricity including 300,000 in Toronto alone. Some 200 flights have been cancelled due to ice storm in Toronto.

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