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Landslide in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal kills 156

Massive landslide in Barhabise area of Sindhupalchowk region of Nepal has blocked the Sunkoshi river. Disaster area lies 1.5 km below the meeting point of Sunkoshi and Bhotekoshi river. The Sun Koshi is one of Nepal’s longest rafting trips. News will be updated below (Nepal time, UTC +05:45).

Update 11:13 NP, 2014/08/06
Death toll from landslide at Mankha VDC in Sindhupalchok district has risen to 156. The District Administration Office Sindhupalchowk today declared those missing as dead as there was no possibility of recovering the bodies alive from the debris, ekantipur reported.
Rescue workers have only found 33 bodies from the landslide area.

Update 22:35 NP, 2014/08/05
The death toll has now reached 34. The head of Nepal's disaster management division, Yadav Prasad Koirala, told AFP, "we think the final death toll could be around 165 or higher".


A landslide above Jure in 2013 (Photo: Narendra R Khanal/ICIMOD) and another image of the landslide at same place in August 2014 (Photo: Rocky Talchabhadel/DHM/ICIMOD via The Himalayan Times).

Update 23:05 NP
Death toll has risen to 33. Around 150 people are still reported to be missing in the landslide.
The District Natural Disaster Relief and Rescue Committee of Sindhupalchowk has decided to provide Rs 40,000 to each family of the dead. 

Following bodies have been identified so far (via Republica):
Rajib Khatri, Ranjit Khatri, Jaya Shrestha, Saru Thami, Riju Thami, Prashanta Shrestha, Siyun Shrestha, Mithu Pathak Khatri, Lal Kumar Budhathoki, Som Maya Shrestha, Punam Shrestha, Ganesh Shrestha, Dhan Maya Shrestha, Chandra Maya Shrestha, Mithila Danuwar, Raju Thami, Ram Bahadur Shrestha, Sila Shrestha, Ram Maya Shrestha, Lakki Shrestha and .a three-month child.

Update 13:45 NP, 2014/08/04
Death toll from landslide in Sidhupalchowk has risen to 23 while over 100 people still missing in the incident, Repulic Media Center mentioned.
Meanwhile another landslide in Sankhuwasabha has claimed lives of four people today morning.

Below are several photos from Jure, the landslide area taken on Sunday. Disaster Report member Suman Khadka has send photos and updates from the site. 
According to Suman Khadka, security personnel from Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force and locals are still searching in the landslide area.









Update 20:15 NP, 2014/08/03
Death toll has risen to 10, The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) confirmed. According to the Ministry, 27 persons were injured whereas 155 persons have gone missing.
The "Sunkoshi Flood Victim Relief Fund" of Rs 4 million has been set up jointly by Sindhupalchowk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nepal Trade Container Entrepreneurs´ Association and Trans-Himalayan Trade Association to support those displaced by landslides and floods.

Update 23:20 NP
Death toll remains at nine. Shyam Shrestha, Ganeshmaya Shrestha, Aasma Shrestha of Mangkha and Bimala Shrestha, Ramdevi and Avishek Shrestha of Batase have been identified so far.
At least 16 injured people have been rescued.
Disaster Management Committee has announced immediate relief amount of Rs. 40,000 to the families of the fatalities.

Update 19:25 NP
A study done by International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in 2010 had shown the 107-km stretch of the Sunkoshi and the Bhotekoshi river basin down to Dolalghat as an area prone to flash floods. Study claimed that flash floods triggered by glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) would affect nearly 900 households with a total population of 5,800 directly affected along stretch.

Below are some images from the disaster area (Source: Nagarik News). The landslide can be clearly seen in the background.



Update 16:20 NP
According to the Himalayan Times, three eastern districts of Nepal - Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur have maintained high alert to remain safe from the possible inundation from the Saptakoshi River. Sunkoshi is a tributary of the Saptakoshi River. All 56 floodgates at the Koshi Barrage, bordering Saptari and Sunsari district, have been opened, considering the threat of outburst floods.
Bihar government of India has also issued a high alert cautioning several northern districts about imminent floods.

Update 15:45 NP
The first explosion was done at around 1:50 pm, The Himalayan Times has reported quoting the Brigadier General Jagadish Chandra Pokharel. Till 3:30 pm, three such explosions were carried out.
Traffic above Dolalghat area has been closed.

 Update 12:15 NP
The Melamchi news has been misunderstood by us. We are extremely sorry for interpreting in another way. The radio expects 60 to 70 deaths (confused with 60,70).

Update 10:20 UTC
We are extremely sad to mention that landslide has expected to claim lives of at least 6,070 people. The news is mentioned by the local Melamchi radio. However, we will be waiting for the official government news. The official death toll remains at 7.
Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has directed Central Disaster Rescue Committee at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) for immediate action to clear the landslide and ensure safety of the people and properties. The emergency meeting of the MoHA had recommended the government to declare crisis zone some hours ago.
According to MoHA assessment, the landslide blockage of the river has already caused a huge pool of water with approximately 3 KM long, 300 meter wide and 90 meter depth.

Another photo from the landslide area (Source: Melamchi Radio).


Update 10:00 NP
Locals in Barhabishe, Lamesanghu, Khadichaur, Dolalghat, among other surrounding areas have moved to safety fearing that the blocked river may burst anytime. The administration is also discussing on dropping a bomb from a Nepal Army chopper and start the water flow, ekantipur reported.
Below is a photo of a dam created by landslide (Source: Twitter/Kapil Dhital).


Update 09:40 NP
Death toll remains at six. Fatalities includes two children and four women. Several people are reported to be injured (number unconfirmed). Injured people are having treatment at Armed Police Base camp, Lamosaghu.

Update 09:10 NP
Death toll from Bhotekoshi river flood has risen to six. Hundreds of people are expected to be missing.

Update 08:45 NP
Below is the photo from the landslide area (Source: Melamchi Radio).


Update 08:35 NP
According to the Avenews TV, at least five people have been killed in Sunkoshi river flood.

Update 08:35 NP
Communication and electricity services in the area have been blocked, Sindhupalchowk resident Suman Khadka reported.

Update 08:30 NP
According to Melamchi Radio, landslide has swept away at least 50 houses.

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Massive landslide in Barabise area of Sindhupalchowk region of Nepal has blocked the Sunkoshi river, Ujyalo Online mentioned.

According to the locals,  a lake has been created due to the accumulation of river water in Jure area. Landslide has also swept away some houses in Guskun VDC.

Around 90 % water of river has been blocked causing the area in the high alert, Emergency department mentioned.

The landslide that occurred at around 3 pm near Jure Bazaar has completely stopped the flow of the river causing risk of flooding around 20 KM near by area, Republica mentioned.

People of Lamosaghu, Khadichaur, Balefi, Sukute of Sidhupalchowk and Dolalghat, Sasaryaukharka, Birta and Deurali region of Kavre along the bank of Sunkoshi river are in danger zone.

Heavy rainfall in Sindhupalchok district of Nepal in July 2014 claimed lives of six people.

Technically, the upper Bhote Koshi ends just after Barbisae where the Sun Koshi joins as a stream from the left. The Sun Koshi is one of Nepal’s longest rafting trips.

Detail news will be updated soon.

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