Last Updated: Thursday, December 4, 2014

103 Mln dollars require to repair flood damage roads in Morocco

Government needs over 103 million dollars to repair flood damaged roads in Morocco, Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, Aziz Rebbah said Tuesday.

According to the flood damage repair data mentioned in the Government website, the road network in the flood-stricken areas is of 62,000 kilometers, of which 19,000 kilometers are untarred, as well as 7500 bridges including 505 that have been completely submerged by water.

The Royal Armed Forces and the Royal Gendarmerie have dispatched the basic foodstuff, blankets and tents to flood-hit areas by helicopters.

On Monday, ten ships loaded with disaster relief materials including foodstuff, water treatment units and gas canisters have left the airport of Agadir.

Flash flooding in Morocco had claimed lives of dozens of people in November.